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Bringing Nature Into Our Projects

At Squidil, we are big advocates of bringing nature into our projects, it is the smallest yet the most profound tool a designer can use. Only a designer can see the importance of those small splashes of green color or plants that liven up the space. At Squidil, we go to lengths to discover your brand so we can amalgamate it into your home or commercial space. We are not just about revamping a space, we are about bringing the “you” into your space! 

Nature doesn’t have to come only the shape of plants but it can also come in the deep emerald green that we see in depths of a forest. Yes!  This luscious green is the fade in 2024 along with earthy moss. Don’t be afraid to use it! Here are a few tips on how to use this color in your  space: 

1- In commercial spaces, we can always go bold and add elements of green with accent chairs in a reception space, or in a living room.  In a living room we can also add a splash of this color with cushions as well. The trick is again, to use a calculated amount. 

2- One of the edgy ways to bring in nature into your space and make that connection is by using wallpapers with that color. We do try to keep it modern patterns to keep that commercial feel. However, in residential, you can add the floral or botanical prints that immediately connects us to nature.  

3- Green, doesn’t always has to be a deep emerald green, it can also be an olive green, or an earthy moss green. That can still add that 

touch of nature yet not be overpowering. In commercial spaces,  carpet tiles are the best way to add some color to monotonous colored floors. In homes you can add rugs to do the same work.


4- The best way to add those ways is definitely adding those plants.  Now the question always becomes, what kind of plants? If you  are person that is blessed with a green thumb then by all means  go for live plants as they not only add the design aspect but also  purify the air in your home( certain kinds do!) But if you are a person like me, who can kill a plant just by walking by it I would recommend some good quality faux plants! We always recommend clean-lined-looking plants that add not only color but their shape adds to an organic feel to the space, keeping it modern. 

At squidil we pride ourselves for accentuating clean lined aesthetic that  highlights the space. With such usage of color we add character to it that reflects your persona! Let us help you make that dream space come alive!

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