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About Our Design Philosophy

Squidil strives to identify the vision of their client and translates it into a successful design, be it commercial or residential. We create a brand out of the space that is in line with that vision. Here at Squidil each moving piece of the design process is constantly communicated to the client. We believe an involved client guarantees effective design.​

Squidil is a unique combination of traditional design and E-Design. We maintain the human factor of traditional design while using the E-Design technology to our utmost advantage.

E-Design helps us save time for our clients with less meetings and more work done efficiently online. This combination helps us in executing a unique and compelling design more efficiently when most choose a cookie cutter approach. 

Faded Conference Table
Faded Conference Table


Shamaila Qadeer, founder Interior Designer for Squidil, graduated from the University of Houston in 2007 with an Interior Design degree. She also completed Post Graduate studies in Interior Design at the distinguished National College of Arts. Having worked for both reputable corporate and residential design firms in Houston, Texas, she has well rounded experience that enables her to pursue both facets of the industry effectively. She is LEED certified in Commercial Interiors. She has worked on large scale projects like educational institutes and recreational facilities. She also has experience with corporate office for oil and gas exploration insurance and retail companies,

Born in Africa, lived in South Asia and now living in the US has enabled her to have a unique design philosophy. It stems from the limitless exposure she gained through travelling numerous countries while experiencing their natural terrain and architecture very early on in life. This gives her an edge as an interior designer professional as she can easily adapt to a client and add that diversity to her designs. 

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