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A Design Odyssey: From Africa to South Asia and Now the US

Born in Africa, having lived in South Asia, and currently calling the US home, Shamaila's life journey has woven a unique tapestry of experiences that profoundly influences her design philosophy. Her design sensibilities are deeply rooted in the diverse cultures she has encountered, and her designs reflect a harmonious blend of global influences.

Shamaila's early exposure to the natural terrains and architectures of numerous countries during her extensive travels has given her a distinctive edge as an interior design professional. This rich tapestry of experiences allows her to effortlessly adapt to the unique visions of her clients, infusing diversity and a worldly perspective into every design.

At Squidil Design Studio, Shamaila Qadeer is not just a designer; she's a storyteller, weaving tales of cultural richness and contemporary elegance into each space she touches. Join us on a journey where design transcends boundaries, and every space becomes a canvas for a global narrative.

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