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  Interior Design Studio

"True design is only found in nature, the ultimate balance of form and function"

-Shamaila Qadeer

Welcome to Squidil

At Squidil, our philosophy is a testament to the art of translating visions into living, breathing spaces – a synthesis of client dreams and our design finesse. We believe in creating not just interiors, but a brand that resonates with the unique essence of each vision, be it for commercial ventures or private residences.. The journey begins with a deep exploration of the client's vision, unraveling dreams and aspirations to craft a distinctive brand aligned with their unique identity.


Communication is key, with Squidil emphasizing constant collaboration, ensuring clients are active participants in shaping their spaces. The firm embraces a fusion of traditional design principles and cutting-edge E-Design technology, using efficiency gained through E-Design to focus on bringing clients' visions to life with precision and creativity. Squidil stands out with unique and compelling designs, where personalized touches and global influences intertwine seamlessly. Join Squidil for a design experience that transcends expectations, where tradition, technology, and creativity converge to tell the story of every space. 

Design, Interior Design, Decor

Squidil | Design | Decorating | Interior Design
Squidil | Design | Decorating | Interior Design
Rustic Living Room

Minimal Design,
Maximum Impact!

At Squidil we pride ourselves in creating a brand out of a space that reflects our clients style, be it commercial or residential. We are a hybrid of an E-Design and traditional interior design firm; making the process smoother, more efficient, and cost effective.

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