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resdential interior design, squidil, Bellaire TX, high end

At Squidil we are exceptionally passionate about Residential Design. We feel this is where we can truly make a impact on a client's life by creating their dream space. Just like in any business , the brand is the key for recognition, we feel the same that each human being has his own brand. We strive to discover that brand and implement it in their space so they can walk into their home and feel that the space resonates with their being. It truly should define them, they same way when we choose clothes, cars and other things in life to represent us. Your home is where you spend most time and by no doubt it should speak to you through its layout and fashion.

This new construction modern home is placed in the upscale neighborhood of Bellaire, Texas. Our concept was to bring warmth to a very contemporary space and make it feel like home, just as our client had envisioned it. We introduced high end textured gold wallpaper to add warmth and sophistication along with natural elements to keep it earthy. In the living area and study we used deep shades of taupe to add depth. Accent wall art was added to give that finishing touch along with plants to freshen up the interiors.


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