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'At Squidil we are not only committed to design a functional space but we aim to add to your brand. We take in consideration your business module and what market you are targeting and with that we come up with a schematic design plan for your space. 


This trend setting dental office of Tara Dental Group is situated in Bellaire, serves cutting-edge technology in dentistry. ​The space came together with a concept of a high end modern look with nature accents to emphasize on the human factor despite the IT age that we live in. 


We remodeled the space with futuristic white wall tile which introduced angles to a boxed space. This opened the space visually and added dimension. Eventually, these angles were used in a cohesive manner throughout the design. We always work with the given budget for any given project while delivering the best design. We introduced a break room, a private office and and an additional exam room compared to the previous layout. At Squidil we come down to inches to fully utilize the space consequently providing you the best value for your money.


Squidil can turn around your commercial space just the way you envision it and on budget!


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